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Paddle-Pong is a fun and addictive arcade game

Drag the paddle anywhere to hit the ball.

Hit the green walls with the ball. Don't hit the red walls!

Score points to earn coins and get new balls.

Paddle-Pong Screenshot

TJ Intranet

TJ Intranet is a client for the TJHSST Intranet

Features include:

  • View schedule
  • Sign up for eighth periods
  • View school announcements
  • View profile

TJ Intranet Screenshot


TweetSave is an app used to archive tweets and view them later

You can save tweets from the Twitter app, or from a web browser. Tags can be added to tweets so they can easily be found later.

TweetSave is very useful for saving videos that you want to view later, articles that you don't have time to read, or even funny tweets that you want to be able to see again.

TweetSave Screenshot